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Udaipur To Ranakpur Taxi

Udaipur Taxi Tours offers Udaipur to Ranakpur taxi service for a small village of Rajasthan called Ranakpur which is a small quaint tourist attraction famous for a couple of temples, Jain pilgrim spots, and others. Beyond the temples, you ought to visit the natural elements of the land. Yes, this village is not just a desert with a couple of structures around it. Nature has been very kind to this region, providing it with numerous gems of attractions, which are at prime beauty during the winter season.


4 faced

Ranakpur Jain Temple

Supported by four hundred pillars, Ranakpur Jain Temple is one of the best attractions in Ranakpur. The pillars changes their colors from golden to pale blue as light falls on them. The ceilings of this beautiful temple has great geometric patterns and foliate scrollwork. If you are planning a trip to Ranakpur then October to March is the best time to visit this gorgeous place.


Sun Temple

Surya Narayan Temple also known as the Sun Temple of Ranakpur is a famous tourist destination. The temple is built with white limestone with gorgeous carvings of warriors. The interesting fact about Surya Narayan Temple is that it is managed by the Udaipur Royal Family Trust. If you are a God lover then you shouldn’t miss this place once you make a trip to Ranakpur.

jain_temple_ranakpur 4 faced

The Chamukha (Four Faced) Temple

Dedicated to Adinath Ji, The Chamukha (four faced) Temple is a beautiful tourist attraction in Ranakpur. The most interesting fact about this temple is the intricately carved 1444 pillars which are different from each other. The Chamukha (four faced) Temple is a place in Ranakpur that should be in your itinerary no matter what! Don’t miss this breathtaking place if you are a true God lover. A great destination for a peaceful time.


Ranakpur Dam

Ranakpur Dam is one of the most underrated and unknown destinations in Ranakpur. The view of the place is something you shouldn’t miss when are at Ranakpur. The Ranakpur Dam is really close to the Ranakpur Jain Temple and can be easily located. It is a great place to just sit down and relax. The beautiful dam is a beauty to watch out for and is near to many other tourist destinations and those who are looking for a break from the usual city life, Ranakpur Dam is a great visit.

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